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The Malaysian Fire Protection Association (MFPA) was first mooted in 1976 by a group of Malaysian pioneer and expatriates in the fire industry. The Association was formally registered as a society on 26th July 1977. Since then, MFPA has grown into an organized and cohesive organization, representing the manufacturers, contractors and professionals in the fire trades.

The organization is dedicated in promoting and developing the fire industry. Throughout the years, it has organized various short courses for the betterment of our members. It has collaborated with various professional bodies in conducting seminars and also participated with Fire Authority in organizing the exhibition for IFCAA (International Fire Chief Association of Asia) & IFCEM (International Fire Conference & Exhibition).

The Organization is actively involved in standard writing through its participation with SIRIM in various working groups on Standard Writing Technical committees on both active and passive fire system.

The main objectives of the Association are:

  • To promote and coordinate the interest of fire protection industry and to protect the legitimate interest of members.
  • To encourage any technical or other forms of education for the training and development skilled personnel.
  • To seek representation in matters of legislation and regulation set up by Government or non-government organization.
  • To promulgate the practice of fire safety and promote greater awareness of fire safety.
  • To discuss and disseminate matters affecting fire protection industry for the members through in house publication.
  • To promote the acceptance of the Association with relevant Government agencies.