The Korea Fire Institute (“KFI”) paid a courtesy visit to the Malaysian Fire Protection Association (“MFPA”) on 13 August 2019.  The objective of the visit was to build a cooperative relationship between the two associations by the exchanging of views and information and experiences and to create a mutual understanding in the field of fire safety and prevention.

The KFI delegation was led by their President, Mr Kwon, Soon-Kyoung comprised of Mr Lee Gun Woo, Mr Jeong Jiho and Professor Kim Younggeun.   Our President, Michelle Hah together with Mr Tony Phuang, Mr Soh Ooi Kean Jin, Ms Josephine Wong and Dr. Hee Choi met with the delegation and among the topics that were discussed were various regulations and standards, one of which, relating to portable fire extinguishers in Korea.

The visit ended by an exchange of gifts ceremony between the two associations.