New Year, New Direction

MFPA-Happy New Year 2021


While this year we have been plagued by Covid-19, many livelihoods have been affected, including businesses and individuals alike. While containing and reducing the spread of Covid-19 is the nation’s top priority now, we must not forget that fire still happens. Navigating in this economic environment has not been easy, but is a needed initiative to protect the nation from fire. While we all celebrate this Christmas, let’s remember that while this year has been challenging, there is a lot to be thankful for. Let’s not forget to cherish the ones around us while pushing forth for a better 2021.

Here’s wishing everyone a Merry Christmas with your family and loved ones & a Happy New Year. Stay healthy and stay safe!

MFPA President - Michelle Hah
Ms. Michelle Hah

President of MFPA


The digital age has dawned upon us and is moving even faster as a result of the global pandemic that has accelerated the acceptance of all things digital, from purchasing of goods and even consumables to having business meetings and even seminars via digital technology.

In view of this, the Malaysian Fire Protection Association (“MFPA”) too is embarking on its journey to digitalise the association. As an association that represents the fire protection industry in Malaysia, we need to keep up with the pace of a constant changing environment and to also transform the manner in which we operate so as to not be left behind.

We have in the mid 2020, launched our new website which was the nascent stage of our digitalisation plans. And we plan in 2021, to be able to connect with you and to also provide you with more industry related content through digital means.

Please do watch out for this space and we will update you on the progress of our transformation.


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